Name: Peziza phyllogena Cooke
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Peziza phyllogena

Author: Cooke

Citation: Mycogr., Vol. 1. Discom. (London): 148, fig. 251 (1877)

Deprecated Synonyms: Peziza badioconfusa Korf, Galactinia badioconfusa (Korf) Svrček & Kubička, Peziza olivacea (Boud.) Sacc. & P. Syd., Galactinia olivacea (Boud.) Boud., Plicaria olivacea (Boud.) Keissl., Aleuria olivacea Boud.

Misspellings: Peziza badio-confusa


Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Ascomycota

Order: Pezizales

Family: Pyronemataceae

Genus: Peziza

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Brief Description:

Fruiting Body: Cup-shaped when young, often flattening with age and/or becoming irregularly shaped; when clustered often becoming pinched and contorted; 3-15 cm across; upper surface smooth, brown to reddish brown, purplish brown, or olive brown; outer surface roughened or finely mealy to granular with tiny, reddish to orangish fibers, especially toward the margin; stem absent; attached to the substrate at a central location; odor and taste not distinctive; flesh brownish and brittle.

Spore Print: White.

Chemical Reactions: KOH negative on all surfaces; Melzer’s reagent blackish blue on upper surface of mature specimens.

Microscopic Features: Spores 14-21 × 6.5-10.5 µ; at maturity finely roughened-warty; often developing smooth apical caps; fusoid-elliptical when immature, becoming elliptical. Asci eight-spored; with blue tips in Melzer’s reagent; up to 285 × 15 µ. Paraphyses 4-5 µ wide; cylindric; with rounded, non-swollen tips.

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