Name: Psathyrella alaskaensis A.H. Sm.
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P. piluliformis synonym
By: Byrain
2014-12-14 23:16:34 CST (-0500)

This taxon was characterized by having pleurocystidia with slightly thickened yellowish walls in KOH, but apparently P. piluliformis can have this feature too and P. alaskaensis is now considered a P. piluliformis synonym.


“More synonyms:
Hypholoma subpapillatum P. Karst 1879 in Medd. Soc. Fauna Flora fenn. 5: 31
Drosophila subpapillata (P. Karst.) Kühn. & Romagn. 1953 in Fl. anal. Champ. sup.: 366 (inval.)
Psathyrella subpapillata (P. Karst.) Schulm. 1955 in Karstenia 3: 72 (inval.)
Psathyrella subpapillata (P. Karst.) Schulm. ex Romagn. Mai 1982 in Bull. trimest. Soc. mycol. Fr. 98: 46
Psathyrella subpapillata (P. Karst.) Romagn. ex Kits v. Wav. August 1982 in Persoonia 11: 503 (superfl.)
Psathyrella alaskaensis A. H. Sm. 1972 in Mem. N. Y. bot. Gdn. 24: 113”

“Apparently the pleurocystidia change over development of fruitbodies form their very drastically. They are stocky and short neck initially (as in B-collection Ludwig 2007), but later, much larger and long-necked. The walls can sometimes be a little thicker and yellowish.”

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