Name: Chroogomphus flavipes (Peck) O.K. Mill.
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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Chroogomphus flavipes

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Author: (Peck) O.K. Mill.


Preferred Synonyms:Gomphidius flavipes Peck

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

Concluded that this is a Gomphidius after looking at the protonym ( and which states it has white flesh with a yellow base to the stipe, and noting that it is discussed as Gomphidius flavidus in the paper Miller, Aime, Camacho & Peinter “Two new species of Gomphidius from the Western United States and Eastern Siberia” Mycologia November/December 2002 vol. 94 no. 6 1044-1050 ( and it clearly lands inside the genus in the phylogenetic tree.

Furthermore in Miller Jr., O.K. (2003). The Gomphidiaceae revisited: a worldwide perspective. Mycologia 95(1): 176-183 he states:

“It is interesting to note that Gomphidius flavipes was placed in Chroogomphus by Miller in 1964 since it has scattered amyloid tramal cells. However, unlike spe- cies of Chroogomphus, it has the yellow stipe base and white pileus trama of a typical species in Gomphidius. Our sequence data leave little doubt that this transi- tional species between the two genera really belongs in Gomphidius, where we have now placed it (Miller and Aime 2001).”

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