Name: Claudopus Gillet


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Yah, I know that you, Byrain, do not see this problem
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2016-06-08 14:34:40 -03 (-0300)
A solution to a problem that doesn’t exist…
By: Byrain
2016-06-08 10:52:22 -03 (-0300)
Follow the Index/Species Fungorum
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2016-06-08 03:24:03 -03 (-0300)

on naming and remove the Name pages from MO entirely. Most of them are faulty. Deprecated synonyms and preferred synonyms do not exist in the International Code of Nomenclature. Allow MO users to follow either lumpers or the splitters. In Entolomataceae, Noordeloos MO terminology is a lumper, Largent splitter. Ignore, or get rid of deprecated synonyms concept (are those the names that are not synonyms?) and get rid of preferred synonyms (are those the name that ought to be called names in use?). Genus Entoloma can be dealt with either in a broad sense (Entoloma sensu lato), or in a narrow sense (Entoloma sensu stricto). In the former case, Entoloma s. lat. is a synonym of Claudopus (but not the other way around!). If you consider Entoloma in a narrow sense, both Entoloma s.str. and Claudopus stand in Entoloma taxonomy side-by-side and definitely are not synonyms.
The International Code of Nomenclature recognizes two groups of synonyms. Those that are based on the same type (i.e., homotypic synonyms) and those that are result of taxonomical merging of two or several taxa (i.e., heterotypic synonyms), Most of the time, you cannot tell those two types just by looking at the names, you have to go to the literature.
As you can see, the nomenclature is quite complex, much more complex than the Consensus and the deprecation. If you are sure about your identification, use Index/Species Fungorum for correct spelling and authority. The Name pages of Mushroom Observer are generally faulty and unreliable, in spite of the effort of some MO user to have all the i’s dotted and all the t’s crossed.
Among professional botanists/mycologists, you find only a few who do understand the International Code of Nomenclature and who could solve you your nomenclature problems. Don’t be afraid to contact them for help.

By: Rocky Houghtby
2016-06-08 00:35:33 -03 (-0300)

Molecular studies by Noordeloos, and also Matheny, have determined that Claudopus Gillet is polyphyletic, forming a clade with Nolanea, inside Entoloma.

Largent’s systematics for Claudopus use macro, and spore morphology, as justification for generic rank.

If anybody has anything else to add, or a different opinion regarding the position of Claudopus in the Entolomaceae, please share!

Does anybody
By: Rocky Houghtby
2016-06-08 00:05:52 -03 (-0300)

Happen to have a pdf of Entolomatoid Fungi of the Western United States and Alaska, Largent ’94?

By: Rocky Houghtby
2016-06-08 00:04:35 -03 (-0300)

" The genus Claudopus Gillet is considered a subgenus within the genus Entoloma (Fr.) P. Kumm. by some researchers (Noordeloos 1981, 1992, 2004, Manimohan et al. 2006). Others consider it an independent genus (Dennis 1970, Horak 1980, 2008, Largent 1994, Pegler 1983), a concept favored in this report. Because of the ease with which these species can be identified macroscopically, those who do not recognize Claudopus as either an autonomous genus or as a subgenus within Entoloma still place species into a key group based on the distinct stature of the basidiomata (Hesler 1967, Knudsen & Vesterholt 2008)."

2016-06-02 20:04:29 -03 (-0300)

Index Fungorum
Species Fungorum current name:
Entoloma P. Kumm. 1871

By: Danny Newman (myxomop)
2015-03-16 00:14:24 -03 (-0300)

With species being placed in Claudopus by Largent as recently as 2011, how can we consider this a deprecated genus?

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