Name: Lycoperdon pyriforme Schaeff.
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Lycoperdon pyriforme

Author: Schaeff.

Citation: Fung. Bavar. Palat. 4: 128 (1774)

Synonym(s):Apioperdon pyriforme (Schaeff.) Vizzini

Deprecated Synonyms: Morganella pyriformis (Schaeff.) Kreisel & D. Krüger

Misspellings: Morganella pyriforme, Lycoperdon pyriform, Lycoperdon piriforme

Brief Description:

Lycoperdon pyriforme Schaeff., Fung. Bavar. Palat. 4: 128. 1774.
FIGURE 32, 72
Reported synonyms:
   = Lycoperdon pyriforme ß tessellatum Pers., Syn. meth. fung. (Göttingen) 1: 148. 1801.
   = Utraria pyriformis (Schaeff.) Quél., Mém. Soc. Émul. Montbéliard, Sér. 25: 369. 1873.
   = Morganella pyriformis (Schaeff.) Kreisel & D. Krüger [as ‘pyriforme’], in Krüger & Kreisel, Mycotaxon 86: 175. 2003.

TYPE—According to Krüger (2003), the iconotype is a plate from J.C. Schaeffer, Fungorum Bavar II: 185m 1763 (Thurn und Taxis library in Regensburg). Krüger (2003) created an epitype: Kelheim county, Niederbayern district, Bavaria, Germany, near Regensburg, collected from under Picea on wood, collected on 18 October 1991, (GenBank sequence AJ237620) (Linzenkirchner collection Os97/91, REG1810910s). The selection was based on the type locality and morphology similar to Schaeffer’s plates. There are two type collections listed on the National Herbarium Nederland website for which the location, date, and collector are unknown (catalog number L 733595; accession number 910258341; barcode numbers L 0054559, and L 0054571).

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By: Jacob Kalichman (Pulk)
2019-01-25 06:49:52 AEST (+1000)

There doesn’t seem to be evidence this has been widely adopted yet; accepting Lycoperdon sensu lato as in Larsson et al 2008 still seems entirely fine.

Lycoperdon pyriforme should not be deprecated due to insufficient evidence
By: Arleen Bessette (MsMucor2)
2019-01-25 04:26:13 AEST (+1000)

We choose to NOT accept Apioperdon pyriforme as a valid name for NA species of Lycoperdone pyriforme. From what we can glean from this paper, Vizzini and Ercole analyzed a very limited sample of L. pyriforme (2) from who knows where (never clearly stated). We are assuming European species. Which begs the question of how this applies to NA species? In our humble opinion, this a good example of a very poor reason for a name change.

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