Name: Leucocoprinus cepaestipes (Sow.: Fr.) Pat.


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I haven’t understood
By: Irene Andersson (irenea)
2011-06-06 18:25:28 +03 (+0300)

that kind of meddling with originally published names..

Can anyone explain why it’s important with proper latin, when “latin” names are built from both greek and latin, and many of them are a mix with names of people and places from all over the world?

By: Erin Page Blanchard (CureCat)
2010-08-23 04:45:51 +03 (+0300)

Do you know the origin of this misspelling?

By: else2 (else2)
2010-08-23 04:41:52 +03 (+0300)

What’s the sense in having names, if they are not real in the first place?

By: Erin Page Blanchard (CureCat)
2010-08-23 04:13:14 +03 (+0300)

Else V. says this is the preferred spelling for the taxon.

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