Name: Inocutis Fiasson & Niemelä
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Name: Inocutis

Author: Fiasson & Niemelä

Citation: Karstenia 24(1): 24 (1984)

Brief Description:

“…comprises I. rheades and related species and is characterized by the lack of setae. All species of Inocutis have ellipsoid, non-dextrinoid, yellowish to brownish basidiospores and a distinct monomitic hyphal system. Basidiocarps are annual. The northern hemispheric species, I. rheades, I. tamaricis, and I. dryophilus, exhibit a unique pigment pattern and a marmorated mycelial core with sclerid hyphae (Fiasson 1982⇓, Fiasson and Niemelä 1984⇓). Such a mycelial core has not been reported for the subtropical species Inonotus ludovicianus and I. jamaicensis; no pigment data are available for these taxa. As a common character, only deciduous trees occur as substrate in this group.” Mycologia November/December 2002 vol. 94 no. 6 998-1016

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