Name: Trichia decipiens (Pers.) T. Macbr. 1899
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Copyright © 2014 Thomas Laxton (Tao)
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Trichia decipiens

Author: (Pers.) T. Macbr. 1899



Kingdom: Protozoa

Order: Trichiida

Family: Trichiaceae

Genus: Trichia

Brief Description:

Plasmodium white, pink or orange. Stalk gradually merging into the sporotheca, plicate, brown, filled with spore-like bodies. Sporotheca obovate or pyriform, ochraceous, very shiny. Peridium yellow or ochraceous-yellow by TL, smooth, pleated towards the stalk, dehiscing at the apex and remaining as a basal cup. Elaters usually unbranched, ochraceous-yellow by TL, 4.5-5.5 µm diam. in the middle, gradually attenuate into the very long points (75-150 µm), with 4-5 smooth, rather thick spirals, without longitudinal striae. Spore-mass, including the capillitium, ochraceous or ochraceous-brown. Spores pale yellow, 10-13 µm diam., decorated with short irregular ridges and a broken small-meshed reticulum of bands up to 1 µm high, showing as a border in optical section.

Taken from:

SPORANGIA: total height 1.5 to 3 mm., stalked, rarely sessile, gregarious or crowded, turbinate, 0.6 to 0.8 mm. diam., shining olive or yellowish brown.
PERIDIUM: wall yellow, membranous, of two layers; upper part of the wall often forming a cap of thinner texture which breaks up leaving a circular opening.
STALK: cylindrical, furrowed, 0.1 to 1 mm. long, olive or dark brown, filled to the base with spore-like cells.
CAPILLITIUM: of simple or branched, smooth, olivaceous brown elaters 4.5-5.5 µm. wide, marked with four or five spiral bands, gradually tapering into long, slender points.
SPORES: Yellowish brown in mass, either closely and often irregularly reticulate, or minutely warted, 9-12 µm diam..
PLASMODIUM: Rose-colored or white.
HABITAT: On dead wood.

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