Name: Microporellus dealbatus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrill
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Name: Microporellus dealbatus

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Author: (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrill

Citation: Bull. Torrey bot. Club 32(9): 483 (1905)

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Pileus thin, coriaceous, slightly flexible but easily broken, flabelliform or spatulate, conchate, X 3 – 7 X c m . ; surface finely tomentose to glabrous, hirtosbeehind, radiate- striate, dealbate, the zones often light-fulvous; margin very thin, sterile, sericeous, undulate to lobed or cleft, inflexaedn d often splitting when dry; tubes white to isabelline within, scarcely a mm. in length, mouths minute, angular, to a mm., edges thin, entire, glistening, whitish when young, be- coming discolored; stipveariable, often wanting, cm. long, 2-7 mm. thick, scutate at the expanding into the pileus, laterally attached, rarely eccentric, usually compressed, with surface and substance resembling that of the pileus.
Common throughout on dead The form originally describead s P. mutabilis is by far the most common.

- Murrill- Tropical Polypores-

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