Name: Geastrum campestre Morgan
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Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Geastrales

Family: Geastraceae

Genus: Geastrum

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From Ponce. (1968) (public domain):

Unexpanded basidiocarp globose, small, submerged, becoming superficial
and expanded when 4 cm. wide; exoperidium split about the middle into
7-12 equal, acute, hygroscopic rays usually involute when dry,
sometimes revolute; fleshy layer umber, adnate, continuous or rimose;
outer layer covered with debris held by the adnate mycelial layer;
base umbilicate; endoperidium shortly pedicellate, depressed globose
or subglobose, 1.5 cm. diameter, dirty white, greyish, buff, or pale
brown, minutely but densely covered with whitish or pale brown
granules; peristome strongly sulcate, conical acute, seated on a
depressed zone, concolorous or darker than the remainder of the
endoperidium; gleba umber, columella present, small, spherical; spores
5-6 /t in diameter, verrucose, fuscous; capillitium threads 4-5^
diameter, pale, irregularly tapering, some threads with ramifications
at the ends.

This species is characterized by the asperate or granulate
endoperidium and the fact that the capillitium threads are always
thinner than the diameter of the spores.

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