Name: Geastrum minimum Schwein.
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Name: Geastrum minimum

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Author: Schwein.

Citation: Schw. Syn. Fung. Carol. 58. 1822.

Deprecated Synonyms: Geastrum calceus Lloyd, Geastrum caesatii Rabenh., Geastrum granulosus Fuckel, Geastrum marginatus Vittad., Geaster granulosum Fuckel

Misspellings: Geaster minimus Schwein., Geaster caesatii Rabenh., Geaster calceus Lloyd, Geaster marginatus Vittadini


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Geastrales

Family: Geastraceae

Genus: Geastrum

Species: Geastrum minimum

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From Ponce. (1968) (public domain):

Unexpanded basidiocarp subglobose, small, submerged; exoperidium split
to about the middle into 4-8 unequal rays, commonly recurved or
expanded or becoming fornicate by means of the mycelial layer
separating from the exoperidium in the middle but remaining attached
at the tips of the segments, the mycelial layer remaining attached to
the substratum; fleshy layer brown, rimose, frequently flaking away;
endoperidium pedicellate, 3-5 mm. diameter, obovate or depressed
globose, glabrous, farinose, or coated with glistening particles,
greyish-brown; pedicel 0.3 mm. long with an apical apophysis; mouth
delicately fimbriate (not sulcate); peristome silky-fibrillose, the
silky area generally outlined by a depressed groove; gleba
ferruginose; columella inevident; spores 4.5um , verrucose (spines
very wide); capillitium 4.5-5um diameter, fuscus brown, tapering, many
with ramifications at the ends.

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