Name: Melanoleuca angelesiana A.H. Sm.
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First person to use this name on MO: Johannes Harnisch
Editors: Michael Wood, Douglas Smith, Paul Derbyshire, Joseph D. Cohen


Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Melanoleuca angelesiana

ICN Identifier: missing

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Author: A.H. Sm.

Citation: Mycologia 36(3): 252. 1944

Misspellings: Melanoleuca angelisiana A.H. Smith

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well I checked back
By: Johannes Harnisch (Johann Harnisch)
2010-05-12 09:12:58 PDT (-0700)

and found the where I had copied it and it looks like he must have changed it…Don’t know what else could have happened.
(I thought for sure I copied it…because it was too hard to try to remember to spell…)

Oh No!
By: Johannes Harnisch (Johann Harnisch)
2010-05-12 09:10:16 PDT (-0700)

that is not good…but I copied it instead of trying to rewrite it…now i will have to go look for it again…

Yes I know
By: Johannes Harnisch (Johann Harnisch)
2010-05-12 08:23:56 PDT (-0700)

and I asked him about it…so will see what he says…

Okay I see
By: Johannes Harnisch (Johann Harnisch)
2010-05-12 07:38:10 PDT (-0700)

Fungorum Doesn’t even recognize this name spelled this way Melanoleuca angelisiana A.H. Smith. Must be a typo…I will have ask Mr. Kuo know

how about Melanoleuca angelisiana A.H. Smith
By: Johannes Harnisch (Johann Harnisch)
2010-05-12 07:35:32 PDT (-0700)

So why does Kuo (mushroom expert use this name? Melanoleuca angelisiana A.H. Smith ?

Seems to be a bug.
By: Paul Derbyshire (Twizzler)
2010-05-11 23:21:46 PDT (-0700)

Even combining the author addition with another change (dummy text added to/removed from the taxonomic info box) doesn’t cause it to work properly. Strange.

Can’t add author here…
By: Douglas Smith (douglas)
2010-05-11 22:29:15 PDT (-0700)

The author here should be A. H. Smith, but for some reason each time I put in the author, it doesn’t show up in the system.

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