Name: Gyromitra korfii (Raitv.) Harmaja
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Gyromitra korfii

[#314829] Index Fungorum

[#314829] MycoBank

GSD Species Synonymy

Author: (Raitv.) Harmaja

Citation: Karstenia 13: 56 (1973)


Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Ascomycota

Class: Pezizomycetes

Order: Pezizales

Family: Discinaceae

Genus: Gyromitra

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Apothecia with the pileus inflated, generally wavy to cerebriform, to 3-9 cm broad and high; on a stipe ca 2.3 cm thick and 5 cm long, when fresh white, translucent, hollow and stuffed at the base with white, cottony mycelium. Hymenial surface yellow-brown (7.5YR4/4), covering folds which often extend down around the stipe and fuse with the stipe at some points. Tissue of the pileus white, when fresh rubbery-brittle, 1-2 mm thick, of textura intricata; the hyphae hyaline, thin-walled, septate, 5-16 µm in diam. Paraphyses slenderly clavate to cylindrical, mostly 7.5-8(-9.8) µm broad at the apex, gradually tapering to 5-5.4 µm about 50 µm below apex, septate at a point 60-85 µm below apex and branched about 50 µm further down. Asci, when fresh, 470-485 × 16-19 µm, essentially cylindrical, not bluing in Melzer’s reagent. Ascospores fusoid to broadly ellipsoid, some flattened on one side, (23-)24-27.5(-31) x (9-)11-12.5(-13.5) µm excluding appendages and measured from mounts in Melzer’s; epispore continuous, generally wrinkled, up to 1 µm thick except for the apex where thickened to 2.5 µm to form a truncated appendage, bluing in cotton-blue.
Substrate: Soil, duff, well-rotted wood and old logs, stumps, etc. of hardwoods, particularly Betula spp.
Distribution: Quebec, Ontario


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perhaps my question should have been …
By: Debbie Viess (amanitarita)
2017-05-05 13:30:17 CDT (-0500)

WHY? rather than WHO?

Since there does not seem to be a general consensus on just which name to use for these various populations of an easily recognized, well known asco, that we call the snow mushroom here in the west.

who deprecated montana to korfii?
By: Debbie Viess (amanitarita)
2017-05-05 12:31:15 CDT (-0500)

the name issue hardly seems resolved. IF now calls G. montana Discina montana.
Mycobank calls it G. montana.

No one seems to know whether or not korfii and montana are separate species or not. If they are the same, with a lot of spore shape diversity and broad ranges, then G. gigas would be the best name for both eastern and western versions.

I have no idea who to believe or what to call this, altho it is one of our more readily identifiable spring mountain ascos.

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