Name: Hydnellum complectipes D. Hall
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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Hydnellum complectipes

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Author: D. Hall

Citation: Mycologia 64 (3): 573 (1972) [MB#315317]

Preferred Synonyms:Hydnellum aurantiacum (Batsch) P. Karst.

Deprecated Synonyms: Hydnum aurantiacum (Batsch) P. Karst.

Misspellings: Hydnellum aurantium

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

Collected by : Hall
Collectors number : 781
Collection date : 13/10/1966
Country (state) :

Location details : USA
Status : Holotype

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Literature :
Baird, R.E. 1986. Type studies of North American and other related taxa of stipitate hydnums: Genera Bankera, Hydnellum, Phellodon, Sarcodon. Bibliotheca Mycologica. 103:1-89

Page number : 21
Remarks (internal) : Baird (1984) stated that the microscopic and macroscopic characters appear to be identical with Hydnellum aurantiacum. Harrison (personal communication), also agrees with Baird’s conclusion.

Description type : Non-original description
Description : Hydnellum complectipes var. complectipes
Type specimen (Holotype): [MICH] USA: Location unknown. 13.X.1966, Hall no. 781. 1!1
Macromorphology (preserved, mihi): Sporophore: pileus up to 13.0 cm broad, depressed, imbricate pileoli forming a rosette at the disc, radially rugose, tomentose becoming matted or glabrous, grayish orange (6B4), cinnamon (6D6) to tile red (7D7), blackish areas present; context duplex, zonate, pale orange (5A3) to carrot red (6B7); taste none; odor none. Stipe: up to 4.0 × 1.5 cm, central, terete above with bulbous base, spongy tomentose to matted, brownish orange (7C8) with blackish areas; context duplex, zonate, concolorous with pileus flesh. Spines: up to 3.5 mm long, decurrent, crowded, orange white (5A2) to light brown (7D6) or somalis (7E5). Chemical reactions: preserved context dark brown in KOH or NH4OH.
Micromorphology (preserved, mihi): Pileus trama hyphae: up to 5.5 µm diam., uninflated, interwoven in subsurface layer, parallel below, unclamped. Stipe hyphae: up to 6.0 µm diam., uninflated, interwoven in subsurface layer, parallel at the center, unclamped. Spine trama hyphae: up to 4.0 µm diam., unclamped. Basidia: (n=20) 27.0-35.0 × 5.0-7.0 µm (X= 32.80 " 7.02 × 6.20 " 0.75 µm), clavate, unclamped; 4-spored; sterigmata (n=10) 5.0-6.5 , µm long (X= 5.60 " 0.51 µm). Basidiospores: (n=20) (5.5) 6.0-7.5 × 4.5-6.0 µm (X= 6.50 " 0.67 × 5.40 " 0.66 µm), subglobose, brownish; ornamentation tuberculate, rounded to flattened or exsculpate; hilar appendage oblique.

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