Name: Deuteromycota R.T. Moore
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Rank: Phylum

Status: Accepted

Name: Deuteromycota

[#90091] Index Fungorum

[#90091] MycoBank

Author: R.T. Moore

Citation: Recent Advances in Microbiology: 50 (1971)

Deprecated Synonyms: Synnematous, Imperfect fungus, Anamorph, Anamorphic fungus, Anamorphic fungi, Fungi imperfecti


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

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A form phylum comprising:

1. Ascomycetes with no sexual stage. Exceptions:
- Vegetative stage is a plasmodium
- Any fungus with sporangia and sporangiospores
- Any fungus with clamp connections and dolipore septa
Any asexual stage of a rust
2. Ascomycetes for which the sexual stage is unknown
3. Ascomycetes for which sexual stage and asexual stages are not associated

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