Name: Hymenopellis R.H. Petersen
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Rank: Genus

Status: Deprecated

Name: Hymenopellis

Author: R.H. Petersen

Citation: R.H. Petersen, in Petersen & Hughes, Nova Hedwigia, Beih. 137: 80 (2010)

Preferred Synonyms:Oudemansiella sect. Radicatae Clémençon

Deprecated Synonyms: Hymenopellis “sp-1”, Hymenopellis “sp-2”, Oudemansiella sect. Pseudoradicatae Clémençon, Oudemansiella sect. Hygrophoroides Clémençon, Xerula sect. Radicatae (Clémençon) Dörfelt

Misspellings: Hmenopellis

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By: Image Sharer (image sharer)
2019-03-01 03:41:58 PST (-0800)

Well, if it is agreeable, it may be more timely to message Mycobank regarding this.

Comment deleted
By: Patrick R. Leacock (MycoGuide)
2019-02-28 13:39:17 PST (-0800)

Apologies. I wrote a response regarding something else. I have no opinion on Hymenopellis. There does seem to be a movement away from using it.

By: Image Sharer (image sharer)
2019-02-28 01:16:11 PST (-0800)

Hi. Have you conversed with Paul Kirk of Mycobank regarding this?

Fix Author citation.
By: Patrick R. Leacock (MycoGuide)
2012-03-23 13:05:32 PDT (-0700)

Should be Hymenopellis R.H. Petersen

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