Name: Hymenochaete sensu lato
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Rank: Genus

Status: Deprecated

Name: Hymenochaete

Author: sensu lato


Preferred Synonyms:Hydnoporia Murrill

Deprecated Synonyms: Hymenochate, Pseudochaete T. Wagner & M. Fisch., Stipitochaete Ryvarden, Cyclomyces sensu lato, Hydnochaete Bres., Hymenochaetopsis S.H. He & Jiao Yang

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“There are tens of Hymenochaete sensu lato species
with types or voucher specimens not available for molecular
studies, and tens of species we were not able to extract DNA
for sequencing, despite repeated attempts. Until all these
species are studied, the name of the polyphyletic group
Hymenochaete sensu lato must be used for many species of
unknown taxonomic position.”

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