Name: Galerina autumnalis (Peck) A.H. Sm. & Singer
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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Galerina autumnalis

ICN Identifier: missing

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Author: (Peck) A.H. Sm. & Singer


Preferred Synonyms:Galerina marginata (Batsch) Kühner

Deprecated Synonyms: Galerina venenata A.H. Sm., Galerina unicolor (Vahl) Singer


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Agaricales

Family: Hymenogastraceae

Genus: Galerina

Brief Description: [See More | Edit]

Galerina autumnalis is a relatively small, brown mushroom that often forms clusters on well decayed logs. This species is commonly known as the Deadly Galerina because it produces a very potent and dangerous toxin known as α-amanitin. The same toxin is found in the Death Angel mushroom and other Amanita species, and may lead to death if consumed. Specifically, the toxin produced attacks RNA polymerase in cells, which is needed to transcribe DNA into RNA. Once ingested, the toxin accumulates in the liver and often causes organ failure and death (Volk 2003). The fruiting body is small and inconspicuous, often superficially resembling edible honey mushrooms.

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Get rid of the term “deprecated”!
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2012-12-05 20:07:19 PST (-0800)

The term “deprecated” might be commonly used in the computer terminology, but there is no mention of it in the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. I don’t know who the International Code of Nomenclature of … says, but I hope that the term “deprecated” is deprecated there as well. Is not the term “synonym” or “synonymous” sufficient in this context? Adolf

Just saw this comment
By: Nathan Wilson (nathan)
2011-12-18 06:23:32 PST (-0800)

I think I started using the term ‘deprecate’ in the sense of computer software. Looking at some definitions, I mean something along the lines of:

3. Computer Science: To mark (a component of a software standard) as obsolete to warn against its use in the future so that it may be phased out.

1. to express earnest disapproval of.
2. to urge reasons against; protest against (a scheme, purpose, etc.).


1. To express disapproval of; deplore.
2. To belittle; depreciate. depreciate; belittle.
4.Archaic. to pray for deliverance from.

Although sometimes I do pray for deliverance from name changes :-).

If you have another term you like better, let me know.

By: Dan Molter (shroomydan)
2010-04-22 22:58:33 PDT (-0700)

Can we please find a softer word. “Deprecate” is stronger than “loath”. I don’t think the name Galerina autumnalis is bad enough to warrant the “deprecated” epithet.

By: aythya-amanita
2010-02-02 15:51:16 PST (-0800)

Recent DNA studies show that this is just a synonym for Galerina marginata.

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