Name: “Mycoheterotroph”
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Name: "Mycoheterotroph"




Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Plantae

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The MO Name “Mycoheterotroph” is an MO pseudo-order representing plants which are obligatory mycoheterotrophic on macrofungi. Many are in the genera Ericaceae and Orchidaceae.
For a much longer list of genera see "New Phytologist (2010) Special Issue on Mycoheterotrophy. 185(3) 591-864
At least 49 plant species are fully mycoheterotrophic. V. Merckx. 2012. Mycoheterotrophy: The biology of plants living on fungi, p.4 & Table 7.1. See also Darvin DeShazer, Species List: Mycoheterotrophic Plants

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Thanks Darv!
By: Joseph D. Cohen (Joe Cohen)
2019-08-14 21:34:24 CDT (-0400)

I hadn’t found that great species list.

A list of mycoheterotrophs & their hosts
By: Darvin DeShazer (darv)
2019-08-14 21:27:56 CDT (-0400)
By: Joseph D. Cohen (Joe Cohen)
2019-08-14 21:10:18 CDT (-0400)

Undeprecated and changed to a pseudonym to better capture the intent of the Name, and to create a convenient place to add a list of species (rather than an MO “Species List”, which is actually a list of Observations).

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