Name: Anomoloma myceliosum (Peck) Niemelä & K.H. Larss.
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Anomoloma myceliosum

Author: (Peck) Niemelä & K.H. Larss.


Deprecated Synonyms: Anomoporia myceliosa

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Habitat/range: On well-rotted conifer wood, causing a white rot. In BC, known from collections on Abies amabilis on Vancouver Island (Niemelä 1994), on Tsuga heterophylla at Revelstoke, on Pinus at Penticton, and report- ed on Picea sitchensis but specific locality not given (Shaw 1973). Widespread in western North America, known from AB to WA south to CO and CA.
Basidiomata effuse, annual, soft to brittle, easily separable from the substrate, medium to large, up to 3 mm thick; margin wide, white to cream, fimbriate; strands usually present, white; context white, soft, 1 mm thick; tubes up to 2 mm deep; pore surface white to cream; pores round, becoming angular and irregular, 2–4 per millimetre, edges thin.Hyphae 2.5–4.0 μm diameter with clamp connections, frequently branched, walls thin, hyaline; basidiospores ellipsoid, 3.5–4.5 × 2.5–3.0 μm, walls hya- line, smooth, amyloid.
Notes: Porpomyces mucidus has similar macroscopic features, but its basidi- ospores are not amyloid.

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