Name: Protomerulius Möller
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Rank: Genus

Status: Accepted

Name: Protomerulius

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Author: Möller

Citation: Bot. Mitt. Trop. 7: 60 (1895)

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Typification Details: Protomerulius brasiliensis Möller 1895

Basidiocarps resupinate to pileate, annual; hyphal system dimitic; generative hyphae with clamps; skeletal hyphae with a wide lumen and dominant in the basidiocarp; basidia longitudinally septate and 4-celled; basidiospores hyaline, allantoid and negative in Melzer’s reagent; causes a white rot in dead hardwoods. Cosmopolitan genus, with one rare species in Europe.

Type species: Protomerulius brasiliensis A. Moller
Synonym: Aporpium Singer 1944 (Poria canescens P. Karst. = Polyporus caryae Schwein.).

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