Name: Psilocybe subtropicalis Guzmán
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Name: Psilocybe subtropicalis

Author: Guzmán

Citation: Biblthca Mycol. 159: 107 (1995)

Deprecated Synonyms: Psilocybe bipleurocystidiata E. Horak & Guzmán

Brief Description:

Pileus 20-26 mm in diam, subconvex to subcampanulate, subpapillate,sublubricous to dry, glabrous, even to striate toward the margin, reddishbrown to brown, hygrophanous, fading to straw colour, staining dark blue toblackish when moist, almost black when dry mainly toward the margin.-Lamellae adnate or adnexed, pale brown to cinnamon brown or blackishviolet, with whitish edges.- Stipe 40-80 × 1-3 mm, cylindric, whitish toconcolourous with the pileus, hollow, cáerulescent, covered with floccoseappressed white fibrils, with a subbulbous hollow base, up to 10 mm in diamin dry, without pseudorhiza.- Veil absent in the adult.- Context whitish,fleshy in the pileus, subfleshy in the stipe, staining blue when cut.- Odor andtaste slightly farinaceous.-

Spores (5.5-)6.5-7(-8) x 5-5.5(-6) x 4-5.5µm, subrhomboid in face view, subellipsoid in side view, with a thick wall (upto 1.5 µm thick), brownish yellow, with a broad germ pore at one end and anacute short appendage at the distal end.- Basidia 17.5-26.5 × 5.5-8 µm, 4-spored, clavate or subcylindric, hyaline.- Pleurocystidia (12-)13-21(-22.5) x (4-)5-6(-7) µm, ventricose subacuminate or ventricose rostrate,hyaline, more or less common.- Cheilocystidia (16-)20-28(-32)(-42) x5-6.5(-7) µm, ventricose or subcylindric, irregularly branching mainly at the 4.8 µm diam, hyaline or yellowish.- Gill trama regular, formed by hydinethin-walled hyphae, 3.2-24 µm wide.- Epicutis subgelatinized, formed by hydine repent hyphae 2.4-4 µm wide.- Hypodermium with subglobose elements mixed with hyphae 3-12 µm in diam, hyaline or incrusted with brown yellowish pigment. Clamp connections present.

Habitat.- In small groups on soil, in open places of subtropical(mesophytic) forests. Known from Guatemala and Mexico.

- Supplement To The Genus Psilocybe

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