Name: Coprinus comatus (O.F. Müll.) Pers.
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Coprinus comatus is a well-known and relatively easily recognized mushroom with gills that “deliquesce” or turn into a black “ink” with age. Found growing alone, scattered, in lines, or in clusters or fairy rings. Saprobic. Pileus 5-14 cm long, 3-5 cm wide; oval to cylindrical when young, becoming broadly conic (5-8 cm) to nearly plane with age. White to whitish with a brownish central disc at apex. Large shaggy scales. Flesh thin; white; soft; fibrous. Gills free; very crowded; very narrow; white, becoming pinkish and eventually black, then turning into a black “ink” from the margin upward. Stipe 5-20 cm long; 1-2 cm thick; smooth; white; hollow; slightly bulbose base.

Basidiospores 9-13 × 7-9 micrometers in size; ellipitcal; smooth with an apical pore. Spore print black.

Common names include: Shaggy Mane, Lawyer’s Wig, or Inky Cap.

See also Tom Volk’s page on Coprinus comatus

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By: Sharon Milliken (Aabadger)
2018-09-18 18:02:34 CDT (-0400)

You may be aware that this edible is associated with Tippler’s Bane which my elderly father suffered from including psychosis, panic, flushing and profuse sweating.

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