Name: Omphalotus japonicus (Kawam.) Kirchm. & O.K. Mill
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Editors: Joseph D. Cohen, Jacob Kalichman, GALL Alain

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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Omphalotus japonicus

Author: (Kawam.) Kirchm. & O.K. Mill

Citation: Persoonia 17 (4): 597 (2002)

Preferred Synonyms:Omphalotus guepiniformis (Berk.) Neda

Deprecated Synonyms: Lampteromyces japonicus (Kawam.) Singer

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By: Jacob Kalichman (Pulk)
2018-01-18 18:19:13 MST (-0700)

Yang & Feng 2013

By: Joseph D. Cohen (Joe Cohen)
2014-11-30 06:52:00 MST (-0700)

Per Index Fungorum / Species Fungorum, the Current Name of Omphalotus japonicus is Omphalotus japonicus.
Per Mycobank, the Current Name is Lampteromyces japonicus
So I’m taking the more conservative approach here of making both names Accepted.

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