Name: Pluteus salicinus group
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Name: Pluteus salicinus group



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salicinus group
By: Alfredo Justo (Fredo)
2020-02-14 14:48:12 -05 (-0500)

The way I have used the name “Pluteus salicinus group” in MO is to refer to refer to observations that most likely belong in the Pluteus salicinus clade (as recognized in Justo et al. 2014) but:

- Do not represent Pluteus salicinus sensu stricto
- Cannot be assigned with confidence to any of the species in this clade, based on the data available on the observation.

I will add a link to the publication in the name description.

group definition
By: Joseph D. Cohen (Joe Cohen)
2020-02-14 14:22:16 -05 (-0500)

Could you add something (e.g. in the Notes on Taxonomy) describing the Name, e.g., how it differs from the Name sensu stricto. Does it encompass cryptic species? Does it encompass multiple Names? If so, it’s helpful to list them. And if the Name appears in a publication, it’s helpful to add the Name’s Author(s) and a (properly abbreviated) Citation. For an example, see Xeromphalina campanella group

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