Name: Fomitiporella Murrill
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Rank: Genus

Status: Accepted

Name: Fomitiporella

Author: Murrill

Citation: North American Flora 9 (1): 12 (1907) [MB#17610]

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Ji, Xiao-Hong, et al. “Phylogeny and diversity of Fomitiporella (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota).” Mycologia 109.2 (2017): 308-322.

Brief Description:

Literature :
Murrill, W.A. 1907. Polyporaceae, Part 1. North American Flora. 9(1):1-72

Page number : 12
Description type : Original description
Description : FOMITIPORELLA Murrill, gen. nov.

Hymenophore resupinate, epixylous, perennial, inseparable, rigid: context thin, brown; tubes brown at maturity, stratified, usually thick-walled and entire: spores globose or ovoid, smooth, brown; hyphae brown; cystidia rarely present.
Type species: Poria umbrinella Bres.

“Main characters of this genus are perennial basidiocarps and brownish, ellipsoid to globose basidiospores. Murrill (1907)⇓ restricted Fomitiporella to taxa with resupinate basidiocarps and this is the case in P. umbrinellus and P. cavicola; however, basidiocarps are effused-reflexed in P. caryophyllii. Most genera within the Hymenochaetales combine taxa with different shapes of basidiocarps and often resupinate, effused-reflexed, pileate, substipitate or stipitate taxa occur side by side in the phylogenetic trees. Additional common features of F. umbellata, P. caryophyllii, and P. cavicola are the dimitic hyphal system, the lack of setae and basidiospores which are negative in Melzer’s reagent. Whereas Dai (1999)⇓ placed P. umbrinellus in the subgenus Fulvifomes, our data show it as distinct. Apparently Fomitiporella is clearly delimited from the other genera within the Hymenochaetales, and therefore should be accepted as a genus…” Mycologia November/December 2002 vol. 94 no. 6 998-1016

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