Name: Agaricus bernardi Quél.
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Agaricus bernardi

Author: Quél.

Citation: Clavis syn. Hymen. Europ. (London): 89 (1878)

Deprecated Synonyms: Agaricus bernardii Quél., Agaricus rutilescens, Agaricus halophilus, Agaricus maritimus, Agaricus bernardii sensu auct. California, Agaricus bernardi sensu auct. California

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

This is the most correct name for this taxon according to Rick Kerrigan (pers. comm. 1/20/2013)

“60C.2. Personal names already in Greek or Latin, or possessing a well-established latinized form, should be given their appropriate Latin genitive to form new substantival epithets (e.g., alexandri from Alexander or Alexandre, augusti from Augustus or August or Auguste, martini from Martinus or Martin, linnaei from Linnaeus, martii from Martius, wislizeni from Wislizenus, edithae from Editha or Edith, elisabethae from Elisabetha or Elisabeth, murielae from Muriela or Muriel, conceptionis from Conceptio or Concepción, beatricis from Beatrix or Béatrice, hectoris from Hector; but not “cami” from Edmond Camus or Aimée Camus). Treating modern family names, i.e., ones that do not have a well-established latinized form, as if they were in third declension should be avoided (e.g., munronis from Munro, richardsonis from Richardson).”

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