Name: Clavariadelphus occidentalis Methven
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Clavariadelphus occidentalis

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Author: Methven

Citation: Mycotaxon 34(1): 169 (1989)

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Index Fungorum record 135115
MycoBank record 135115

In the comments for one collection of Clavariadelphus pallido-incarnatus Darvin DeShazer provided the following notes:

Clavariadelphus pallido-incarnatus – Tip flat to roundish, pinkish, KOH positive, lacking basidia. Widest part of fruiting body the tip, total length 3-6 inches, lacking folds and deep wrinkles.

Clavariadelphus occidentalis – Tip pointed to roundish, cream, beige or yellowish color, KOH negative, basidia covering tip. Widest part of fruiting body in the mid-section, total length 3-9 inches, becoming longitudinally compressed with folds and deep wrinkles.

Brief Description: [See More | Edit]

“SPOROCARPS 50-250 mm tall, 7-15 mm in diam. basally, enlarged upward to 10-35 mm in diam., simple, subcylindric to capitate-clavate, base terete, smooth, white to yellow-white to orange-white, pale tan, or yellow.
SPORE-BEARING TISSUE smooth, becoming longitudinally rugose to rugulose, cream pale orange to brown, apex subacute, obtuse or broadly rounded, smooth, becoming rugose or rugulose, concolorous with the hymenium; surface staining slowly, irregularly brown, where cut or bruised, staining more conspicuously downward.
CONTEXT initially solid, white to pallid, on exposure staining slowly, irregularly brown.
ODOR not distinct. TASTE not distinct or bitter.
TRAMAL HYPHAE 3-12 µm in diam., more or less parallel to longitudinally interwoven, inflated (-12 µm) or broadly undulate, branched, clamped; walls thin or irregularly thickened to 1 µm, smooth; clamps uninflated or inflated (-15 µm), sometimes ampulliform; contents amorphous, hyaline to pale yellow in KOH.
GLEOPLEROUS HYPHAE 3-8 (-12) µm in diam., arising from generative hyphae at clamp connections, scattered throughout the trama, thin walled, smooth, cyanophilic.
LEPTOCYSTIDIA 45-80 x2.5-5 µm, cylindric to narrowly clavate, at times apically or subapically branched, thin walled, smooth.
BASIDIA 70-125 × 8-12 µm, clavate, inflated apically at maturity, thin walled or irregularly thickened, pale yellow, acyanophilic, (2-) 4 spored.
STERIGMATA 6.5-12 µm long, incurved.
SPORES broadly ellipsoid, broadly ovate or amygdaliform, 10.5-14 × 6-7.5 µm, thin walled, smooth, hyaline to pale yellow, acyanophilic, inamyloid, spore print white to pale yellow.”3 (formatting added)

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