Name: Oudemansiella Speg.
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Rank: Genus

Status: Accepted

Name: Oudemansiella

[#18166] Index Fungorum

[#18166] MycoBank

SF Species Synonymy

Author: Speg.

Citation: Anal. Soc. cient. argent. 12(1): 24 (1881)

Deprecated Synonyms: Cribbea A.H. Sm. & D.A. Reid, Protoxerula R.H. Petersen

Misspellings: Oudenmansiella

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

“Species of Dactylosporina (Clémençon) Dörfelt, Hymenopellis Petersen (2010: 80), Mucidula Patouillard (1887: 95), Ponticulomyces Petersen (2010: 311), Protoxerula Petersen (2010: 318), Cribbea Smith & Reid (1962:98) and Oudemansiella form a monophyletic clade (Yang et al. 2009; Vellinga 2010; Qin et al. 2014).” (Hao, Y. J. et. al, 2014)

Hao, Y. J., Qin, J., & Yang, Z. L. (2014). Cibaomyces, a new genus of Physalacriaceae from East Asia.

Yang, Zhu-Liang, et al. “A new systematic arrangement of the genus Oudemansiella s. str.(Physalacriaceae, Agaricales).” 菌物学报 28.1 (2009): 001-013.

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