Name: Pluteus magnus McClatchie
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Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Agaricales

Family: Pluteaceae

Genus: Pluteus

Brief Description:

Original description by McClatchie:

Pluteus magnus n.sp.
Cespitose; pileus convex then expanded, 12-20 cm broad, white or slightly smoky, fibrillose, surface even or becoming broken into persistent scales, flesh 8-12 mm thick at center, very thin at the margin, lamellae crowded, close to the stem, 10-22 mm broad, white then pale salmon; cystidia 60-80 μ long, obtuse, with one or two triangular points; basidia ventricose, 40-65 μ long; spores irregularly globose or oblong, 5 × 5-8 μ; stem nearly equal, flexuous, 12-20 cm long, 18-22 mm thick, fibrillose, white troughout or the fibrils somewhat ochraceous below, solid.
On decaying stumps San Gabriel canyon and near Los Angeles.
Differs from P. cervinus and its varieties in its greater size, its lighter color, its persistent scales, and its broader-tipped cystidia.

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Acording to Justo et al. 2014
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Pluteus magnus McClatchie is a synonym of Pluteus petasatus (Fr.) Gillet:

Pluteus petasatus (Fr.) Gillet (1876: 395). Fig. 24
Basionym: Agaricus petasatus Fr. (1836: 142). Neotype (designated here):—RUSSIA. Northwestern Federal District: St Petersburg, Botanical Garden, stump of deciduous tree, 09 August 2011, O. Morozova s.n. LE 289372, nrITS KJ009705, tef1 KJ009952 (LE!).
Synonym: Agaricus curtisii Berkeley (in Berkeley & Curtis 1849: 98); Pluteus curtisii (Berkeley) Saccardo (1887: 675). Holotype:—UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. South Carolina: Beneath fallen trunks in woods. October, Curtis 1523 s.n. (K). Epitype (designated here):—UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Florida: Leon Co., Tallahassee, Lake Overstreet, 24 August 2010, A. Justo 161, nrITS KJ009708, tef1 KJ009977 (CUW!).
Synonym: Agaricus patricius Schulzer in Kalchbrenner (1874: 20); Pluteus patricius (Schulzer) Boudier (1905: 87). To the best of our knowledge, no holotype exists and no lectotype, neotype or epitype have been designated for this taxon.
Synonym: Pluteus magnus (1897: 383). Holotype:—UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. California: San Gabriel Canyon and near Los Angeles, A.J. McClatchie NY 775453 (NY!).
Synonym: Pluteus australis Murrill (1945: 119). Holotype:—UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Florida: Alachua Co., Gainesville, 24 October 1942, FLAS 19140 (FLAS!).
Synonym: Pluteus viscidulus Singer in Singer and Digilio (1952: 255). Holotype:—ARGENTINA. Tucumán: near Tapia, 01 January 1949, R. Singer T797 nrITS HM562110, tef1 KJ009978 (holotype at LIL and isotype at MICH!).

See: Justo, A., Malysheva, E., Bulyonkova, T., Vellinga, E. C., Cobian, G., Nguyen, N., … & Hibbett, D. S. (2014). Molecular phylogeny and phylogeography of Holarctic species of Pluteus section Pluteus (Agaricales: Pluteaceae), with description of twelve new species. Phytotaxa, (180), 1-85.

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