Name: Protogautieria substriata Thiers
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Protogautieria substriata

ICN Identifier: missing

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Author: Thiers

Citation: Beih. Sydowia 8: 386 (1979)

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FRUIT BODY 1.5–2.5 cm across, ovoid to nearly round, often with irregular pits or furrows. PERIDIUM dry, dull, glabrous to faintly tomentose. White to whitish when young, discoloring and aging dark brown. Peridium up to 0.1 cm thick. GLEBA with wrinkled to alveolate empty locules, (somewhat suggestive of thefoldingseeninthehymeniumof theTuberales).Whitetowhitishwhenyoung, becoming pale yellow to yellow in age. Unchanging when cut, or sometimes showing pale reddish tints. STIPE absent. RHIZOMORPHS absent. ODOR unknown. TASTE unknown. KOH black on the peridium, all other chemical tests negative. MICROSCOPY: Spores 12.4–17 x 7.5–9.5 μm, ovoid to nearly subglobose, thick- walled, hyaline to pale yellow and smooth in KOH; strongly dextrinoid and showing distinct longitudinal folds or striations in Melzer’s reagent but no ornamentation visible on spore wall. Basidia 32–40 x 10–12 μm, clavate, hyaline, 4-spored. Cystidia absent. Trama of locule walls interwoven, thin-walled, hyaline hyphae 3–5 μm wide. Peridium composed of more or less interwoven hyphae, hyaline in KOH, hyaline to pale yellow in Melzer’s reagent.
ECOLOGY: Hypogeous, solitary or scattered, buried in duff or soil. Known from subalpine forest, in association (likely ectomycorrhizal) with Pinaceae, especially under fir (Abies magnifica and A. concolor), and Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta ssp. murrayana). Collections have been made in spring and fall; it is likely to fruit through summer if conditions are favorable.
SIMILAR SPECIES: Many Gautieria species resemble Protogautieria substriata although they typically have pinker, buff, peach-orange, cinnamon or ochre tones to the gleba. Gautieria species have ellipsoid to ovoid, obovoid, or globose spores, and are ornamented with longitudinal spirals, forked ridges or wings, often with rounded to bumpy margins. A number of California’s Gautieria species remain undescribed, and many will not match published descriptions.


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