Name: Russula laurocerasi Melzer
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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Russula laurocerasi

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Author: Melzer

Citation: Čas. česk. houb. 2: 243 (1920)

Preferred Synonyms:Russula grata Britzelm.

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Cap 4-15 cm wide somewhat striate, dingy yellowish brown-ocher,
Gills creamy-pale yellow becoming brown in age,
Spore print cream to pale yellow (C-D),
Stalk 3-10 cm tall, brownish white, becoming yellowish brown, hollow and spongy,
Flesh white,
Taste unpleasant-acrid
Odor sweet like marischino cherries when young, but with a foetid component that gets stronger with age.

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