Name: Amanita muscaria (L.) Lam.
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Amanita muscaria

[#161267] Index Fungorum

[#161267] MycoBank

GSD Species Synonymy

Author: (L.) Lam.

Citation: Encycl. Méth. Bot. (Paris) 1: 111 (1783)

Deprecated Synonyms: Agaricus imperialis Batsch, Agaricus muscarius L., Agaricus nobilis Bolton, Agaricus pseudoaurantiacus Bull., Agaricus puellus Batsch, Amanita circinnata Gray

Misspellings: Amanita muscarea, Amanita mascaria, Aminata mascura, Aminita muscaria


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Agaricales

Family: Amanitaceae

Genus: Amanita

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Amanita muscaria var. muscaria photo courtesy of, 2008,

Commonly known as the fly agaric or fly Amanita, Amanita muscaria is a mycorrhizal basidiomycete fungus that contains several toxic, psychoactive compounds. Amanita muscaria is the typical “toadstool” mushroom, bearing white gills and white warts on its variably colored cap and growing typically in clusters near conifers or hardwoods throughout the northern hemisphere. (2) (3)

The name fly agaric comes from its use as a control for pesky flies. The old practice was to soaking pieces of the mushroom in a saucer of milk to attract flies. The flies would drink the tainted milk, become intoxicated, and fly into walls to their death.

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By: Nathan Wilson (nathan)
2011-11-02 16:02:01 CDT (-0500)

I understand that the botanical code says that you should use the infra-species autonym, but there is still value in have a page the species as a whole. Consequently, I am approving this name.

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