Name: Fulvifomes Murrill
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Name: Fulvifomes

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Author: Murrill

Citation: Northern Polypores (5): 49 (1914) [MB#17618]

Deprecated Synonyms: Phellinus subgenus Fulvifomes (Murrill) Y.C. Dai, Aurificaria D.A. Reid

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“Fulvifomes, positioned as sistergroup to Phylloporia, is similar by the lack of setae and the occurrence of thickwalled, yellowish and non-dextrinoid basidiospores, which, however, are larger and ellipsoid to subglobose. Basidiocarps of Fulvifomes are different by exhibiting a distinct dimitic hyphal system and a distinct crust on the surface. Based on these features, Kotlaba and Pouzar (1978)⇓ described the Phellinus rimosus complex (=Fulvifomes), including P. badius, P. rimosus and P. robiniae. Dai (1999)⇓ suggests the subgenus Fulvifomes, comprising 19 taxa with or without setae, whereas our data show the group to be strictly without setae.” Mycologia November/December 2002 vol. 94 no. 6 998-1016

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