Name: Pholiota microspora (Berk.) Sacc.
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Pholiota microspora

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Author: (Berk.) Sacc.

Citation: Syll. fung. (Abellini) 5: 742 (1887)

Synonym(s):Pholiota nameko (T. Itô) S. Ito & S. Imai

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According to Neda in Mycoscience (2008) 49:88–91 the correct name for Pholiota nameko is Pholiota microspora.

Neda, Hitoshi. 2008. Correct name for “nameko”. Mycoscience (2008) 49:88–91. DOI 10.1007/s10267-007-0391-3

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