Name: Lepiota (Pers.) Gray sect. Lepiota
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Status: Accepted

Name: Lepiota sect. Lepiota

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Author: (Pers.) Gray

Citation: Nat. Arr. Brit. Pl. (London) 1: 601 (1821)

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The genus Lepiota (Pers.) S.F. Gray is presently divided into six sections, based on morphology. Lepiota section Lepiota harbours species with fusiform- amygdaliform spores with convex abaxial and convex adaxial sides or with straight abaxial sides, a trichodermal pileus covering made up of narrowly cylindrical with or without short clavate elements at the base of the long elements, and with clamp-connections (Vellinga 2001).
Section Lepiota differs from the other sections in the combination of shape of the basidiospores and the pileus covering, but the placement of some species has been controversial. Lepiota cortinarius J.E. Lange has narrow spores that are slightly spurred at base, and it has been placed in sect. Stenosporae (J.E. Lange) Kühner (Bon 1981; Candusso & Lanzoni 1990), but the structure of the pileus covering, and phylogenetic analyses based on molecular data place it in sect. Lepiota (Vellinga 1992, 2003). Lepiota aspera (Pers.: Fr.) Quél., L. perplexa Knudsen and L. hemisclera (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Sacc. have similar narrow spores, and are placed in sect. Echinatae Fay. because of the pileus covering which is made up of chains of rounded to ellipsoid elements unit to form pyramidal spines (Knudsen 1980; Montoya & Bandala 2005; Vellinga 2001, 2003).

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