Name: Boletales E.-J. Gilbert
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Name: Boletales

[#90529] Index Fungorum

[#90529] MycoBank

GSD Species Synonymy

Author: E.-J. Gilbert

Citation: Les Livres du Mycologue Tome I-IV, Tom. III: Les Bolets: 83 (1931)

Misspellings: Boletellites sensu lato


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

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Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

See M Binder, DS Hibbett, Molecular systematics and biological diversification of Boletales, Mycologia 98(6): 971–981 (2006) (full text PDF from Clark University).

Information System (ITIS)

	Kingdom	Fungi  – champignons, Fungo, fungi 	 
 	   Subkingdom	Dikarya  	 
 	      Division	Basidiomycota  – basidio's, basidiomycetes, club fungi 	 
 	         Subdivision	Agaricomycotina  	 
 	            Class	Agaricomycetes  	 
 	               Subclass	Agaricomycetidae  	 
 	                  Order	Boletales  	 
  	  	Direct Children: 	 
 	                     Family	Amylocorticiaceae  	 
 	                     Family	Boletaceae  	 
 	                     Family	Boletinellaceae  	 
 	                     Family	Calostomataceae  	 
 	                     Family	Coniophoraceae  	 
 	                     Family	Diplocystidiaceae  	 
 	                     Family	Gasterellaceae  	 
 	                     Family	Gastrosporiaceae  	 
 	                     Family	Gomphidiaceae  	 
 	                     Family	Gyroporaceae  	 
 	                     Family	Hygrophoropsidaceae  	 
 	                     Family	Paxillaceae  	 
 	                     Family	Protogastraceae  	 
 	                     Family	Rhizopogonaceae  	 
 	                     Family	Sclerodermataceae  	 
 	                     Family	Sclerogastraceae  	 
 	                     Family	Serpulaceae  	 
 	                     Family	Suillaceae  	 
 	                     Family	Tapinellaceae

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