Name: Agaricus albus Bull.
Version: 1

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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Agaricus albus

ICN Identifier: missing

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Author: Bull.


Preferred Synonyms:Amanita vaginata (Bull.) Lam.

Deprecated Synonyms: Amanita plumbea, Amanitopsis vaginata (Bull.) Roze, Amanita vaginata var. plumbea (Bull.) Quél. & Bataille, 1902, Agaricus plumbeus Schaeff., Agaricus plumbeus Schaeff. var. plumbeus, Agaricus vaginatus Bull., Agaricus vaginatus var. griseus DC., in de Candolle & Lamarck, Amanita livida Pers., Amanita livida Pers. var. livida, Amanita vaginata f. battarrae (Boud.) Veselý, Amanita vaginata f. grisea (DC.) E.-J. Gilbert, Amanita vaginata var. grisea (DC.) Quél. & Bataille, Amanita vaginata f. livida (Pers.) E.-J. Gilbert, Amanita vaginata var. livida (Pers.) Gillet, Amanita vaginata f. plumbea (Schaeff.) E.-J. Gilbert, Amanita vaginata subsp. plumbea (Schaeff.) Konrad & Maubl., Amanita vaginata (Bull.) Lam. var. vaginata, Amanita vaginata f. violacea (Jacz.) Veselý, Amanita violacea Jacz., Amanitopsis albida (Fr.) S. Imai, Amanitopsis plumbea (Schaeff.) J. Schröt., Amanitopsis vaginata var. battarrae, Amanitopsis vaginata var. plumbea (Schaeff.) Konrad & Maubl., Amanitopsis vaginata var. violacea (Jacz.) E.-J. Gilbert, Agaricus fungites Batsch, Agaricus hyalinus Schaeff., Agaricus hyperboreus P. Karst., Agaricus strangulatus Fr., Agaricus urceolatus Viv., Agaricus urceolatus var. spadiceus Viv., Agaricus vaginatus f. fulvus Britzelm., Agaricus vaginatus Bull. f. vaginatus, Agaricus vaginatus var. albidus (Fr.) Fr.,, Agaricus vaginatus var. albus Fr., Agaricus vaginatus var. albus De Seynes var. cinereus De Seynes, Agaricus vaginatus Bull. var. vaginatus, Amanita hyperborea (P. Karst.) Fayod, Amanita livida var. fuscescens Pers., Amanita livida var. hyalina (Schaeff.) Pers., Amanita livida var. pallescens Pers., Amanita strangulata (Fr.) Quél., Amanita vaginata f. alba (Sacc.) Romagn., Amanita vaginata f. aurantiofulva E.-J. Gilbert, Amanita vaginata f. avellanea M. Traverso, Amanita vaginata f. cinerea (De Seynes) E.-J. Gilbert, Amanita vaginata f. fuscescens (Gillet) E.-J. Gilbert, Amanita vaginata f. grisea (DC.) Veselý, Amanita vaginata f. hyalina (Schaeff.) E.-J. Gilbert, Amanita vaginata f. hyperborea (P. Karst.) Veselý, Amanita vaginata f. luteoumbrina Veselý, Amanita vaginata f. olivaceoviridis Fábry, Amanita vaginata f. pallescens (Gillet) E.-J. Gilbert, Amanita vaginata f. plumbea (Schaeff.) L. Maire, Amanita vaginata f. radicans Kutafjeva, Amanita vaginata (Bull.) Lam. f. vaginata, Amanita vaginata subsp. lutescens (Boud.) E.-J. Gilbert, Amanita vaginata subsp. urceolata (Viv.) E.-J. Gilbert, Amanita vaginata (Bull.) Lam. subsp. vaginata, Amanita vaginata var. alba (De Seynes) Gillet, Amanita vaginata var. alba Velen., Amanita vaginata var. albida (Fr.) Hongo, Amanita vaginata var. alutaceovergens Contu, Amanita vaginata var. argentata Contu, Amanita vaginata var. cinerea Gillet, Amanita vaginata var. fungites (Batsch) J.E. Lange, Amanita vaginata var. fuscescens Gillet, Amanita vaginata var. major Gillet, Amanita vaginata var. malleata Piane ex G. Becker, Amanita vaginata var. pallescens Gillet, Amanita vaginata var. plumbea (Schaeff.) Quél. & Bataille, Amanita vaginata var. roseilamellata Bresinsky, Amanita vaginata var. spadicea (Viv.) E.-J. Gilbert, Amanita vaginata var. strangulata (Fr.) Quél., Amanita vaginata var. violacea Pers., Amanitopsis alba (Sacc.) Sergeeva, Amanitopsis endochorda Petch, Amanitopsis hyperborea (P. Karst.) P. Karst., Amanitopsis strangulata (Fr.) Roze, Amanitopsis urceolata (Viv.) Sacc., Amanitopsis vaginata f. alba (Sacc.) Courtec., Amanitopsis vaginata (Bull.) Roze f. vaginata, Amanitopsis vaginata (Bull.) Roze subsp. vaginata, Amanitopsis vaginata var. alba Sacc., Amanitopsis vaginata var. cinnabarina Killerm., Amanitopsis vaginata var. crassivolvata Peck, Amanitopsis vaginata var. endochorda (Petch) E.-J. Gilbert, Amanitopsis vaginata var. lutescens Boud., Amanitopsis vaginata var. olivaceoviridis (Fábry) Wasser, Amanitopsis vaginata var. tota-alba Sacc., Amanitopsis vaginata (Bull.) Roze var. vaginata, Pseudofarinaceus hyperboreus (P. Karst.) Kuntze, Vaginata hyperborea (P. Karst.) Kuntze, Vaginata livida Gray, Agaricus vaginatus Fr.

Misspellings: Amanita vaginata (BULL.) VITT., Amanita vaginatae, Amantia vaginata

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