Name: Aleurodiscus berggrini
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Aleurodiscus berggrini

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Hymenophore annual, sometimes reviving a second season, coriaceous, fructifications at first scattered or crowded, discrete, pulvinate, orbicular, attached by a broad base, 0.5-2 mm diameter, becoming confluent in disciform areas 1-1.5 cm across, finally deeply creviced into irregular polygonal or irregular segments; exterior at first even and rounded, naked, becoming crenulate; hymenial surface at first convex, pruinose and even, cream or ochre, at length rugulose or irregular, radiately crenate, finally deeply creviced and discoloured dingy brown. Context white or isabelline, to 1 mm thick, composed of densely intertwined, cemented, partly gelatinised hyphae, almost sclerotioid near the base, embedding massive gloeocystidia and masses of crystals; generative hyphae to 10 µ diameter at the base, 4-5 µ in the subhymenium, walls 1-1.5 µ thick, lumena capillary in context hyphae, with clamp connections. Acanthophyses subclavate, 4-6 µ diameter, covered on the upper third with closely arranged, blunt pointed spines, naked below, confined to the hymenial layer. Gloeocystidia abundant, arising in all parts of the context and hymenium, some penetrating to the surface, 80-160 × 14-18 µ, in the hymenial layer, in the context 30-56 µ diameter with walls 4-8 µ thick, variable in shape, convoluted and distorted, in the subhymenium fusiform, clavate, or flexuous-cylindrical. Hymenial layer to 60 µ, thick, a dense palisade of basidia, paraphyses, acanthophyses, and gloeocystidia. Basidia subclavate, some cylindrical, 20-30 × 5-6 µ, bearing 2-4 spores; sterigmata erect, slender, to 5 µ long. Paraphyses subclavate, 16-22 × 4-5 µ. Spores allantoid with rounded or acuminate ends, apiculate, 9-12 × 4-4.5 µ walls smooth, hyaline, 0.2 µ thick, amyloid.

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