Name: Trametes versicolor (L.) Lloyd
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Trametes versicolor

Author: (L.) Lloyd

Citation: Mycol. Notes (Cincinnati) 65: 1045 (1921) 1920

Deprecated Synonyms: Polyporus versicolor (L.) Fr., Agarico-suber versicolor (L.) Paulet, Agaricus versicolor (L.) Lam., Bjerkandera versicolor (L.) P. Karst., Boletus versicolor L., Boletus versicolor L. var. versicolor, Coriolus versicolor (L.) Quél., Coriolus versicolor f. ad-hirsutum-transiens Bres., Coriolus versicolor f. ad-zonatam-transiens Bres., Coriolus versicolor f. flavoaureus Konrad & Maubl., Coriolus versicolor f. nigrozonatus Bondartsev, Coriolus versicolor f. subhirsutus Donk, Coriolus versicolor f. tucumanensis Rajchenb., Coriolus versicolor (L.) Quél. f. versicolor, Hansenia versicolor (L.) P. Karst., Microporus fuscatus (Fr.) Kuntze, Microporus nigricans (Cooke) Kuntze, Microporus versicolor (L.) Kuntze, Polyporus argyraceus Pers., Polyporus fuscatus Fr., Polyporus nigricans Lasch, Polyporus versicolor var. albomarginatus Peck, Polyporus versicolor var. carneiporus Peck, Polyporus versicolor var. cyanescens Sacc., Polyporus versicolor var. cyaneus Velen., Polyporus versicolor var. daedalea Sacc., Polyporus versicolor var. fuscatus (Fr.) Fr., Polyporus versicolor var. fuscobrunneus J. Kickx f., Polyporus versicolor var. fuscolutescens Sacc., Polyporus versicolor var. nigricans Fr., Polyporus versicolor var. olivarum Pers., Polyporus versicolor var. productus Velen., Polyporus versicolor var. rosiphilus Velen., Polyporus versicolor var. sepium Pers., Polyporus versicolor (L.) Fr. var. versicolor, Polystictus albomarginatus (Peck) Sacc., Polystictus fuscatus (Fr.) Cooke, Polystictus nigricans Cooke, Polystictus versicolor (L.) Fr., Polystictus versicolor f. candidiporus Speg., Polystictus versicolor f. dimidiatus Speg., Polystictus versicolor f. heterochroma Speg., Polystictus versicolor f. insititius Speg., Polystictus versicolor f. rufofasciatus Speg., Polystictus versicolor f. semiaurantia Speg., Polystictus versicolor f. subazonus Speg., Polystictus versicolor f. subunicolor Speg., Polystictus versicolor f. tenuiusculus Speg., Polystictus versicolor f. velutinosus Speg., Polystictus versicolor (L.) Fr. f. versicolor, Polystictus versicolor var. albomarginatus Peck, Polystictus versicolor var. fumosiporus Peck, Polystictus versicolor var. fumosisporus Peck, Polystictus versicolor var. fuscatus (Fr.) Rea, Polystictus versicolor var. luteus Henn., Polystictus versicolor var. nigricans (Cooke) Rea, Polystictus versicolor var. pavonina Rick, Polystictus versicolor (L.) Fr. var. versicolor, Poria versicolor (L.) Scop., Sistotrema versicolor (L.) Tratt., Trametes versicolor (L.) Pilát, Trametes versicolor f. adhirsutumtransiens (Bres.) Domański, Trametes versicolor f. adzonatamtransiens (Bres.) Domański, Trametes versicolor f. argyracea (Pers.) Pilát, Trametes versicolor f. cyanea (Velen.) Pilát, Trametes versicolor f. flavoaurea (Konrad & Maubl.) Lambinon, Trametes versicolor f. fuscata (Fr.) Domański, Trametes versicolor f. nigrozonata (Bondartsev) Domański, Trametes versicolor f. producta (Velen.) Pilát, Trametes versicolor f. rosiphila (Velen.) Pilát, Trametes versicolor f. tucumanensis (Rajchenb.) J.E. Wright & Popoff, Trametes versicolor (L.) Lloyd f. versicolor

Misspellings: Coriolus versicolour, Trametes Coriolus versicolor Polyporus versicolor, Turkey Tail, Tramates versicolor, Turkey Tail (Trametes Versicolor)


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Polyporales

Family: Polyporaceae

Genus: Trametes

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Basionym: Boletus versicolor L., Sp. pl. 2: 1176 (1753)

Brief Description:

Trametes versicolor (L.) Lloyd (1920)

Commonly known as the Turkey Tail. This shelf-fungus has small, thin, and leathery overlapping stalkless caps with multicolored concentric zones that alternate between smooth and hairy. It has a white pore surface. The tough basidiocarps will persist overwinter and can be found year-round on dead hardwood logs and stumps.

Also known as Polyporus versicolor and Coriolus versicolor

See Tom Volk’s page on Trametes versicolor

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