Name: Dactylosporina (Clémençon) Dörfelt
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Rank: Genus

Status: Deprecated

Name: Dactylosporina

Author: (Clémençon) Dörfelt

Citation: (Clémençon) Dörfelt, Feddes Repert. 96: 236 (1985) Synonymy:

Preferred Synonyms:Oudemansiella sect. Dactylosporina (Clémençon) Pegler & T.W.K. Young

Deprecated Synonyms: Oudemansiella subgenus Dactylosporina Clémençon

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Thanks, Herbert…
By: Jacob Kalichman (Pulk)
2017-07-07 17:45:17 CDT (-0500)

I’ll buy that Oudemansiella should be the preferred name for now, because more recent Physalacriologists, aware of the 2010 Dactylosporina combinations, published in favor of the Oudemansiella names.

I looked at the relevant papers before approving Dactylosporina on MO, but not carefully enough.

Hao YJ, Qin J, Yang ZL (2014). “Cibaomyces, a new genus of Physalacriaceae from East Asia” (PDF). Phytotaxa. 162 (4): 198–210

Qin J, Hao YJ, Yang Zhu L, Li YC (2014). “Paraxerula ellipsospora, a new Asian species of Physalacriaceae”. Mycological Progress. 13 (3): 639–647

Wartchow, F. 2014. A new combination in Oudemansiella (Physalacriaceae, Agaricomycetes). Mycosphere. 5(5):701-705

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