Name: Hemitrichia calyculata (Speg.) M.L. Farr
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Hemitrichia calyculata

Author: (Speg.) M.L. Farr

Citation: Mycologia 66(5): 887 (1974) / Farr, M.L. 1974. Earlier names for Hemitrichia stipitata (Myxomycetes). Mycologia. 66:887-888

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SPORANGIA: stalked, scattered to gregarious, 1-3 mm tall. Sporotheca turbinate to subglobose, erect, bright to dark yellow, 0.8-1.4 mm in diameter (when expanded).
STALK: slender, reddish brown to black, 0.5-2.0 mm long, expanded at the top to form a distinct funnel-shaped cup.
HYPOTHALLUS: irregular or discoid, light to dark reddish brown.
PERIDIUM: membranous, yellow, persisting in the lower half as a distinct calyculus that often has a petaloid margin.
CAPILLITIUM: consisting of a dense network of smooth yellow threads, marked with four or five spiral bands, 5-7 µm in diameter.
SPORES: pale yellow, minutely spiny to delicately reticulate, 7-8 µm in diameter.
PLASMODIUM: yellow, becoming red during fruiting.
HABITAT: Decaying wood and (less commonly) bark, especially that from broadleaf trees.

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