Name: Rigidoporus Murrill
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Name: Rigidoporus

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Author: Murrill

Citation: Bull. Torrey bot. Club 32(9): 478 (1905)

Deprecated Synonyms: Oxyporus (Bourdot & Galzin) Donk, Leucofomes Kotlába & Pouzar, Coriolus sect. Oxyporus Bourdot & Galzin, Boudiera Lázaro Ibiza

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Type name :
Rigidoporus microporus (Murrill 1905; type location: Cuba)

Wu, F., Chen, J. J., Ji, X. H., Vlasák, J., & Dai, Y. C. (2017). Phylogeny and diversity of the morphologically similar polypore genera Rigidoporus, Physisporinus, Oxyporus and Leucophellinus. Mycologia

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Another Genus….
By: Excited delirium [EXD]▼ (Excited delirium [EXD]▼)
2018-08-14 09:27:15 MDT (-0600)

Well, you will have to forgive me for writing this…Yet another genus that is absolutely deprived of taxonomy and anthropogenic attention. Look at the Names on Mushroom Observer and look at the numbers. Don’t sink. Examine the issue and attempt to resolve things, one breath at a time, and one click at a time.

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