Name: Oligoporus minusculoides (Pilát ex Pilát) Gilb. & Ryvarden
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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Oligoporus minusculoides

Author: (Pilát ex Pilát) Gilb. & Ryvarden


Preferred Synonyms:Postia minusculoides (Pilát ex Pilát) Boulet

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By: Terri Clements/Donna Fulton (pinonbistro)
2018-04-21 14:34:34 PDT (-0700)

Oligoporus minusculoides is deprecated according to IF and Mycobank. Postia minusculoides (Pilát ex Pilát) Boulet is the preferred synonym according to Mycobank. Postia ceriflua is the preferred synonym according to IF because it regards P. minusculoides as synonomous with P. ceriflua. Vampola et al. 2014 maintains that they are two different species.

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