Name: Psilocybe phyllogena (Sacc.) Peck
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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Psilocybe phyllogena

ICN Identifier: missing

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Author: (Sacc.) Peck

Citation: Bull. N.Y. St. Mus. 157: 99 (1912) 1911

Preferred Synonyms:Deconica phyllogena (Peck) Noordel.

Deprecated Synonyms: Agaricus phyllogenus Peck, Agaricus rhombisporus Britzelm., Deconica rhombispora (Britzelm.) Singer, Geophila rhombispora (Britzelm.) Kühner & Romagn., Psilocybe phyllogena (Peck) Peck, Psilocybe rhombispora (Britzelm.) Sacc.


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Agaricales

Family: Hymenogastraceae

Genus: Psilocybe

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The collected mushrooms do not care
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2018-06-30 20:12:36 CDT (-0400)

how they are called.
Deconica phyllogena (Sacc.) Noordel. & Psilocybe phyllogena (Sacc.) Peck are synonyms, one equal to the other, and the “deprecation” is an unfortunate MO invention. Get rid of the Name Pages, they are confusing, and ask the MO users to go by the Index/Species Fungorum.
BTW, Deconica phyllogena (Peck) Noordel. has wrong authorities (Peck) Noordel.

By: Peter G Werner (pgwerner)
2014-04-15 19:38:57 CDT (-0400)

Unless there is a solid, publication-based reason for not accepting the name Deconica across all species in that genus, please don’t move individual species back into Psilocybe. The basis for separating the two genera is clear, and regardless of anybody’s feeling of which genus should have properly received the name “Psilocybe” (I’d argue that name was established for mainly non-psilocybin-containing species and should have received priority, but that’s not the way things went), Deconica is now the established name for the non-psilocybian group that used to be placed in the genus Psilocybe, including Deconica phyllogena.

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