Name: Caloboletus Vizzini
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Rank: Genus

Status: Accepted

Name: Caloboletus

Author: Vizzini

Citation: Index Fungorum 146: 1 (2014)

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Caloboletus Vizzini, gen.nov.


Basidiomes stipitate-pileate with tubular hymenophore. Pileus usually pale, whitish to smoke-grey, clay-buff, often with ochraceous/olivaceous tinges, rarely with red tinges, gradually darkening, not turning blue when bruised. Tubes and pores at first lemon-yellow to sulphur-yellow (but pores are orange to red in Caloboletus firmus), then olivaceous, blue when injured. Stipe central, pale yellow to yellow, with or without red tinges, usually reticulated, reticulum sometimes reduced or even absent. Context whitish to pale lemon-yellow, sometimes with red tinges at stipe base, gradually changing to blue when cut. Taste bitter (presence of cyclocalopins), fading with age. Spores boletoid, smooth. Hymenophoral trama bilateral-divergent of the Boletus-subtype. Clamp connections absent. Holotype: Boletus calopus Pers. 1801. Comment: The genus corresponds quite well to the section Calopodes Fr. emend. Lannoy & Estadès of the genus Boletus L. The bitter taste is caused mainly by the presence of cyclocalopins (Hellwig et al., European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2002:
2895-2904). According to the phylogenetic analyses by Binder & Hibbett 2006 (Mycologia 98: 971-981), Gelardi et al. 2013
(Sydowia 65: 45-57), Nuhn et al. 2013 (Fungal Biology 117: 479-511) and Wu et al. 2014 (Fungal Diversity, DOI
10.1007/s13225-014-0283-8) the species of section Calopodes represent a new genus in the Boletaceae.

Etymology: caloboletus (the Greek word calos means beautiful, nice) refers to the beautiful red tinges of the stipe typical of many species in the genus.


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