Name: Caloboletus peckii (Frost) Vizzini
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Caloboletus peckii

Author: (Frost) Vizzini

Citation: Index Fungorum 146: 1 (2014)

Deprecated Synonyms: Butyriboletus peckii (Frost) K. Zhao, Z.L. Yang & Halling, comb. nov., Boletus peckii Frost

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

The original description of Boletus peckii Frost can be found here: The author (likely Peck himself, not Frost — see E.E. Both’s The Boletes of North America: a Compendium, pp. 224-225) writes “The species should be referred to the Calopodes”, which is the taxonomic precursor of today’s Caloboletus Vizzini.

In their The Boletes of Michigan (1971), Smith and Thiers quote verbatim the original description (from above) and also microscopically re-examine the type material (pp. 327-8):

The first modern description of B. peckii dates to 2000, in Besette et al. North American Boletes, p. 138.

In 2014, Vizzini tranferred B. peckii to Caloboletus Vizzini gen. nov.:

In 2015, Zhao et. al. tranferred C. peckii to Butyriboletus following their sequencing of a voucher believed to be peckii : Please refer to this publication for reasons behind the transfer. It could be argued that the material examined/sequenced and claimed to be B. peckii therein had actually been misidentified, and the description of the taxon given is a “copy-and-paste” from North American Boletes by Bessette et al.

From 2016 onward, new evidence in the form of obs 246697 matching the species concept of B. peckii revealed that peckii should belong in Caloboletus Vizzini after all. Following this, two additional collections from other locations believed to be this taxon, i.e., peckii, (obs 283600 and obs 286124) were sequenced (TEF-1-alpha) and found to be conspecific with regard to each other and 246697. Analysis of the BLASTn data for TEF-1 for these three observations shows that these three collections clade in Caloboletus — see the phylogram just posted in obs 246697.
Also, see the discussion in

Based on the evidence presented above, I am approving Caloboletus peckii as the preferred name on MO and deprecating both Boletus peckii and Butyriboletus peckii.

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