Name: Phanerochaete calotricha (P. Karst.) J. Erikss. & Ryvarden
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Name: Phanerochaete calotricha

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Author: (P. Karst.) J. Erikss. & Ryvarden

Citation: Biodiversity of the Heterobasidiomycetes and non-gilled Hymenomycetes (former Aphyllophorales) of Israel: 456 (2011) / Eriksson, J.; Hjortstam, K.; Ryvarden, L. 1978. The Corticiaceae of North Europe. 5:887-1047

Synonym(s):Phanerochaete sanguinea (Fr.) Pouzar

Misspellings: Phanerochaete sanquinea

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Be careful with heterotypic synonyms
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2014-07-18 11:57:16 PDT (-0700)

When Zdenĕk Pouzar published his new combination Phanerochaete sanguinea, he never mentioned that Phanerochaete calotricha & Phanerochaete sanguinea would be synonyms: Pouzar, Z. 1973. Systematické postavení kornatky krvavé-Peniophora sanguinea (Fr.) Hohn. et Litsch. Česká mykologie 27: 26. In the matter of fact, he did not mention Phanerochaete calotricha at all. We follow The ‘Corticiaceae’ of North Europe / Vol. 5: Mycoaciella –Phanerochaete by John Eriksson, Kurt Hjortstam et al. They dealt with this issue on pp. 997-999 & 1021 and concluded to keep Ph. sanguinea & Ph. calotricha separate, and made a call for further studies. Mind you, Eriksson et al. lectotypified both Phanerochaete sanguinea and Ph. calotricha and this may have solved (or muddled) this issue.
In case of homotypic synonyms (e.g., Phlebia cretacea & Cabalodontia cretacea) it really does not matter what names the MO user would use, in the heterotypic synonyms (e.g., Phanerochaete sanquinea vs. Ph. calotricha) you cannot “deprecate” one name for another without the study of real collections.

Phanerochaete sanguinea
By: Joseph D. Cohen (Joe Cohen)
2014-07-18 06:29:38 PDT (-0700)
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