Name: Phellinus Quél.
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Rank: Genus

Status: Accepted

Name: Phellinus

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Author: Quél.

Citation: Enchir. fung. (Paris): 172 (1886) / Quélet, L. 1886. Enchiridion Fungorum in Europa media et praesertim in Gallia Vigentium. :1-352

Deprecated Synonyms: Pseudofomes

Misspellings: Phelinus, Phellenus

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

Type species:
Phellinus igniarius (L.) Quél. (1886)

Brazee, N. J. (2015). Phylogenetic Relationships among Species of Phellinus sensu stricto, Cause of White Trunk Rot of Hardwoods, from Northern North America. Forests, 6(11), 4191-4211.

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