Name: Pluteus americanus (P. Banerjee & Sundb.) Justo, E.F. Malysheva & Minnis
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Name: Pluteus americanus

Author: (P. Banerjee & Sundb.) Justo, E.F. Malysheva & Minnis

Citation: Justo, A.; Malysheva, E.; Bulyonkova, T.; Vellinga, E.C.; Cobian, G.; Nguyen, N.; Minnis, A.M.; Hibbett, D.S. 2014. Molecular phylogeny and phylogeography of Holarctic species of Pluteus section Pluteus (Agaricales: Pluteaceae), with description of twelve new species. Phytotaxa 180(1): 1-85

Brief Description:

Pluteus americanus is one of only a few species of Pluteus that stains blue, on the stem and the gills, when fresh. In North America the species has traditionally gone under the name Pluteus salicinus—but the latter species, recent research indicates, is strictly European (see Justo and collaborators, 2014). Pluteus americanus appears on the deadwood of hardwoods east of the Rocky Mountains—and, oddly enough, in eastern Russia.

Crucial microscopic features for Pluteus americanus, which should be checked if your goal is to eliminate all known look-alikes, include the pileipellis (a cutis), the pleurocystidia (with well-developed apical prongs), and the cheilocystidia (which are clavate). Matching these details will eliminate Pluteus cyanopus and Plutues phaeocyanopus (both with a cellular pilepellis), and the poorly-known Pluteus saupei (pleurocystidia with poorly developed prongs, cheilocystidia lageniform).

Kuo, M. (2016, June). Pluteus americanus. Retrieved from the MushroomExpert.Com Web site:

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